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Our Players

Our coaches at Klauke Investments & Insurance Services work with players from all aspects of life. Whether you have never invested before or you have a large nest egg built up already, we're here to help coach you to the next step in your path to financial freedom. To help you know when the right time to talk with a financial advisor is, here are the type of clients that we have found over the years benefit the most from working with us:

  • First 401(K) or Employer retirement Plan - A lot of employer plans can be confusing and there isn't always someone to talk to for help. We sit down with people all the time to help them sign up for their work plan and choose the portfolio that is right for them.
  • New Parents - Your life is busy and when kids come into the picture, 2 important things come with them. 1) The need for Life Insurance 2) The need for college savings plans or other kids savings plan. Both of which are best to get year one after having a kid or better yet for Life Insurance prior to expecting.
  • Switching Careers - Just like the limited help in signing up for a 401(K), there is generally even less help with your old plan when you switch jobs. We can go over your options and help you decide what is best for you.
  • Retirement - This one may seem obvious but we've found one of the greatest benefits we continue to offer our clients is the ability to effectively take money out of your retirement plans to live off of. This is ultra important because done incorrectly can cost you thousands of lost money in taxes. We highly encourage anyone planning on retiring to discuss creating a distribution plan with a licensed professional.

Remember just because you may not be on this list right now, that doesn't mean you don't need a financial advisor. A big part of what we do is help people get from point A to point B and so on and likely during your life you'll pass through multiple stages listed above. You may only do each of them once or a few times but we've worked with thousands of clients at each of these stages multiple times so we're prepared to help you just the same.