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Record Keeping

July 21, 2023

As we turn the page on the second half of 2023, I would recommend that you add a project on your 2023 summer to do list.  If you do not have a list of important papers and documents, put together, I would strongly recommend that you take a few hours and get all of these things organized.   This is a great start but you may need to add more.

  1. Identification documents:
    • Passports
    • Driver's licenses
    • Birth certificates
    • Social Security cards
    • Immigration documents (if applicable)
  2. Financial and legal documents:
    • Insurance policies (homeowners, renters, auto, etc.)
    • Property deeds and titles
    • Mortgage or lease agreements
    • Wills, trusts, and power of attorney documents
    • Bank account information
    • Investment and retirement account details
    • Tax returns (past few years)
    • Vehicle registration documents
    • Marriage/divorce certificates
    • Child custody/guardianship documents
  3. Medical records and prescriptions:
    • Health insurance information
    • Medical history records
    • Prescription medications and dosage information
    • Immunization records
    • Allergies and medical conditions information
  4. Home and property records:
    • Home inventory (including photos or videos)
    • Home appraisal documents
    • Repair and maintenance records
    • Homeowners' association documents
    • Rental or lease agreements (if applicable)
  5. Contact information:
    • Emergency contact list (family, friends, neighbors)
    • Contact information for insurance agents, doctors, and other professionals
    • School and childcare provider contacts
  6. Important personal records:
    • Diplomas, degrees, and certifications
    • Employment records
    • Military service records
  7. Miscellaneous:
    • Emergency cash or traveler's checks
    • Spare house and car keys
    • USB drive or external hard drive with digital copies of important documents

Remember to keep these documents in a safe, waterproof, and fire-resistant container or store digital copies in secure cloud storage. It's also a good idea to inform trusted family members or friends about the location of these documents or provide them with copies for safekeeping.